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Memberlite includes four basic page templates and a specialty template for landing pages

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Sell More Memberships With Memberlite.

Our extended styling for the Advanced Levels Page Shortcode includes 6 unique levels page layouts.

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Memberlite Shortcodes

Enhance the appearance of your content with the Memberlite Shortcodes plugin. Select a shortcode below to see screenshots and read the documentation.

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[col medium=”2″ medium_offset=”1″][fa icon=”align-justify” size=”4x”]


[col medium=”2″][fa icon=”link” size=”4x”]


[col medium=”2″][fa icon=”columns” size=”4x”]


[col medium=”2″][fa icon=”flag” size=”4x”]


[col medium=”2″][fa icon=”user-plus” size=”4x”]


[col medium=”1″] [/col]

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[col medium=”2″ medium_offset=”2″][fa icon=”info-circle” size=”4x”]


[col medium=”2″][fa icon=”rss” size=”4x”]

Recent Posts

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Stylish Blog Post Formatting

Use featured images, banner images, post formats, and shortcodes to enhance your valuable public or members-only content.


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Sign Up as a Bronze Member

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